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Manymules Waterline Project

This project is to develop a water supply project for Black Mesa Residents.

Date: September 3, 2010

Please, distribute attachment as you see fit to ALL Homeowners and other stakeholders of Many Mules Community and surrounding areas. I am open and available to hold a meeting with all affected homeowners and/or Chapter House Coordinator to further explain the requirements and qualification criteria to submit applications with Many Farms OEHE/DSFC Field Office. It is VERY IMPORTANT for everybody to submit an IHS Application to Many Farms Office.

See attached ONE document which contains general information about the following topics:

  • Homeowners Qualification Letter
  • List of Archaeological Survey Companies
  • Contractors List for Septic Tank Pumping Services (from website)
  • Contractors List for Plumbing Services (from website)
  • Generic Layout for Bathroom Additions and Interior Plumbing
  • Individual Agreement FORM between Homeowner and IHS/USPHS
  • General Information about Prioritizing IHS-DSFC Proposals, Typical Project Schedule once funded, and ROW Explanations
  • Many Farms Office Homeowners Application

This is the website which contains all the official Qualification Criteria pertaining to IHS-Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction (DSFC):

Feel free to call me with comments

Thank you,
LT Ali S. Ali
Field Engineer
Many Farms OEH&E/DSFC
PO Box 694
Many Farms, AZ 86538
Phone: 928-781-3825
Fax: 928-781-3818

Date: December 15, 2009

AML has awarded $300K for the Manymules Waterline Project Phase 1. Please complete the IHS waterline application. Please email a scanned copy to ( along with a copy of your homesite lease. Then mail the original application to IHS.

Navajo Nation President Shirley statement on AML funding cut

Ned Yazzie Community Project

This project is to develop an senior citzens community center.

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