Board Members

The board of directors consists of 13 directors with two members from each of the six sectors and one secretary from one sector. The two members from each sector are the chair and vice-chair or leading representatives from each sector: The board is still forming but current members are:

Great Springs Sector:

  • Phillip Etsitty, chair
  • LeRoy Thomas, vice-chair
  • Dr. Karletta Chief, secretary

Yellow Water Sector:

  • Kee T. Yazzie, chair
  • Annie Herrera, vice-chair

Sage Brush Springs Sector:

  • Loretta Jones, chair
  • Martha Chee, vice-chair

Sand Springs Sector:

  • Marie Benally-Johnson, representative
  • Norman Benally, representative

White Grass Sector:

  • Rose Yazzie, leader
  • Ben Crank, leader

White House Sector:

  • Anita Yazzie, chair
  • Maxine Kescoli, vice-chair

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